Daniel Boone

        Frontiersman / Pioneer

    Died Helping Defend Alamo

                James Bowie

         Frontiersman / Rancher

      Died Helping Defend Alamo

James Buchannan

15th U.S. President

    Andrew Jackson

   7th U.S. President

               Danny Thomas

             Actor / Entertainer

Started St.Judes Childrens Hospital

Rev. Billy Graham

Evangelist / Author

        John Paul Jones

  Father of American Navy

           William  McKinley

         25th U.S. President

George Washington

 First U.S. President

General Douglas Macarther

5 Star General During WWII

          Winton Churchill

British Prime Min. During WWII

            Paul Revere

       Silversmith / Patriot

  Andrew Johnson

17th U.S. President

                   Albert Pike

            Confederate General

     Re-Wrote Scottish Rite Rituals

       Warren G. Harding

       29th U.S. President

                                                                                                James Monroe                                                           5th U.S. President


      Roy Clark

Singer / Songwriter

      William "Buffalo Bill" Cody

         Guide / Scout / Author

        Franklin D. Roosevelt

         32nd U.S President

                    Clark Gabel

Actor / Starred in "Gone With The Wind"

      Samuel L Colt

Inventor / Entrepreneur

               William Clark & Meriwether Lewis

                     Explorers & Frontiersman

         William Howard Taft

          27th U.S President

      James Polk             11th U.S. President

    Arnold Palmer

Hall of Fame Golfer

            Francis Bellamy

Author of the Pledge of Allegiance

                       John Hancock

First signature on Declaration of independence

            James Garfield

         20th U.S. President

      Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin

Astronaut / Second Man on The Moon

John "The Duke" Wayne

  Actor / American Icon

         David "Davy" Crocket

   Frontiersman / Congressman

    Died Helping Defend Alamo

       Harry S. Truman

     33rd U.S. President



Major Gen. Lew Wallace

 Union General / Author

       Wrote Ben Hur

Benjamin Franklin

 Inventor / Patriot

      Theodore Roosevelt

        26th U.S President

       Henry Ford

Inventor / Entrepreneur

    Mark Twain

Author / Humorist

          Gerald Ford

    38th U.S. President

       Roy Rogers

Famous Cowboy actor

        Stephen F. Austin

Known as the Father of Texas